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The school of Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technicians is one of the academic institutions in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Complex, Ihiala owned by the Catholic Diocese of Nnewi. The hospital was founded in 1913 by early missionaries and pathology department before 1981 had no full time Medical Laboratory Scientist to man the laboratory and so it was only covered skeletally by an NYSC corp member until 1981 when the management received a full time Rev. sister and Medical Laboratory Scientist in the person of Sr. Mary Victor Ndukwu to manage the department. The school programme initially stated is a distant educational programme in 1983 when the workers in the hospital Laboratory with ‘O’Level certificates were organized to receive lectures within the hospital. They were later registered with Medical Laboratory science Council of Nigeria through Holy Rosary Hospital, Emekuku, Imo State for their council examination. The school programme continued until 1985 when hospital was given a provisional approval to start its own School of Medical Laboratory Assistant in 1987. In 1997 the school got its final approval and was accredited to start off the Medical Laboratory Technician course also. It is important to note that the school has trained and produced over 600 graduates who are now in labour market working in different health institutions within and outside Nigeria. Till date, the students of the school have been known to perform better in their field than students from other schools both academically, practically and most importantly, morally.

Our Mission

To provide and produce well-skilled and efficient Medical Laboratory Technicians for medical laboratory services in Primary Health Centers, Hospital and Private Laboratories National and International.

Our Vision

To share in healing ministry of Christ through medical diagnosis.


The curriculum of the School of Medical Laboratory Technicians, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Ihiala is in accordance with the new curriculum for Medical Laboratory Technician Training Programme of the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria.


The Medical Laboratory Technician’s programme as laid down by the Medical Laboratory Council of Nigeria (MLSCN) is a three section academic programme made up of six semesters.

  • 1st year which has first and second semesters
  • 2nd year which has first and second semesters
  • 3rd year which has first and second semesters
  • The council professional examination.

Students can be admitted into the school to run the programme in either of the two categories

  • A three year course for ‘O’ LEVEL SSCE/NECO certificate holders in the required subjects.
  • A two year course for holders of Medical Laboratory Assistants (MLA) certificates in addition to the required basic certificates in the ‘O’ LEVEL subjects.

By the end of the Medical Laboratory Technician course, students shall be able to:

  • Seek employment in clinical laboratory procedures in each department with accuracy and precision.
  • Recognize normal and abnormal test results and take actions with critical values
  • Perform and interpret basic quality control procedures
  • Operate and perform basic maintenance and troubleshooting of laboratory equipment.
  • Demonstrate sound work ethics in interactions with patients, co-workers and other personel.

The school of Medical Laboratory Technicians, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Ihiala maintains an open admission policy to qualified candidates without discrimination in regards to race, sex, religion, denomination, and ethnic origin as far as the candidate in question is interested in achieving quality education and is ready to go by the rules and regulations of the school. The school admits qualified students who have completed their Senior Secondary School programme and obtained credit passes in relevant subjects as approved by the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN). The procedure for admission into our school is as follows:

  • Purchase, completion and return of the application form to the School.
  • Entrance Examination which will be conducted in the school.
  • Oral interview of the candidates that were successful in the entrance examination will be conducted in the school by the admission committee.
  • Candidate’s record and background will be reviewed by the admission committee and finally, successful candidate will be notified.
  • Notification of acceptance or rejection by successful candidates.
  • Registration of candidates that accepted the school’s offer of admission which commences at the school. REGISTRATION OF STUDENTS IS ONLY FINALIZED WHEN THE STUDENTS’S REGISTRATION FILE HAS BEEN PROPERLY FILED AND SUBMITTED TO THE SCHOOL’S REGISTRY.
  • Direct entry admissions are also available for those with Medical Laboratory Assistant Certificates.
  • It is also important to note that candidates convicted for any criminal offence will not be admitted, exception can only be made with the board’s approval.

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